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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here is Bodhinatha giving a meditation class during Innersearch on the island of Langkawi. Read about it in the today’s slide show.

Innersearch Slide Show Links

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Meditation Class in Langkawi


News from Innersearch

Today the Innersearch arrived in Rameshwaram. Bodhinatha says about the last two days:

January 25th:

Om Sivaya everyone:

Today was our eleventh day, Fri Jan 25th, of Innersearch activities. We went to the main Siva temple at TIruvannamalai in the morning. First we had a homa for a little over an hour which included Samaya Diksha for Karti Katir.

This was followed by attending the abhishekam for the Sivalingam and then the abhishekam for the Parvati. Each was also about an hour.

Afternoon was an optional walk part way up Arunachala Hill to Skanda Ashram. Evening a meditation at Ramana Ashram.

January 26th

Today was our twelfth day, Sat Jan 26th, of Innersearch activities. In the morning we walked around Arunachala Hill starting at 5 AM. This is called girivallam and on the full moon day of each month hundreds of thousands perform this traditional form of Siva worship.

Lunch at Kailas Ashram followed by an evening train ride to Rameshvaram.

We may be without internet for a few days.


Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Siva Subramanian and his wife Banu Gopalan (left) are from Ohio though originally from Chennai. They arrived on the first early morning flight from Oahu to attend the puja and later toured the Iraivan Temple where they were delighted to chat in Tamil with the silpis.

Banu is a carnatic singer. “Oh, she sings so beautifully” boasted her husband. “You should hear her.” They had learned about the temple from friends, but “had no idea just how spiritually beautiful and peaceful it was here.”

Bill and Dee Simon visited last year and were so moved by their experience here that they returned with their friends Rich and Sue Mayfield. All are from Colorado.

Julie Hill from California is an agent for writers and is involved with several companies worldwide. She had heard about the temple through “Kauai Revealed,” a guide book, and was “so happy” she did.

Everyone left the Aadheenam feeling “fulfilled and uplifted.”

Hinduism Today April Issue Editorial Closing

The Aadheenam is quiet but the monks are hard at work. In the Ganapati Kulam the last 4 days of the editorial production are upon us. The team here has shrunk from 6 to 4. Sadhaka Satyanatha is shouldering the duties of Arumugaswami, the managing editor, he shepherds the pages through final proofing, “final check” and makes sure everything is ready to turn over to Sivakatirswami later for post editorial production.

An interesting feature story this issue is on India’s giant Emporiums in New Delhi with photos from our world class photographer Thomas Kelly who was sent on assignment from Nepal for this shoot. These emporiums continue to support 100’s of thousands of crafts people across India. Read all about it in the April issue.

Siddhidata Kulam Long Range Plan for New Building

The long range effects of two hurricanes as well as the growth of the Aadheenam led Gurudeva to devise a strategy for dealing with our space needs through using containers and office trailers. Over the years the Siddhidata kulam has expanded both in numbers and responsibilities: Iraivan Temple construction, land management, renovation of buildings, electrical and plumbing infrastructure, a serious vehicle fleet, 1 truck, a van, a Honda Hybrid, one tractor, Caterpillar Skid steer, people mover, 4 small service vehicles, basic grounds maintenance, oversight of contractors, food garden, irrigation stream, maintenance, dozens of appliances, air conditioners, small engines! It is amazing what they do!

So, it is time for a *real* building for this amazing team which will take shape in the open space in the foreground of this photo. Stay tuned for developments in the months ahead.

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