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News from 2008 Asian Odyssey Innersearch

Here is Bodhinatha at the homa in Tiruvannamalai.

Meanwhile the Innersearch has moved on from Tamil Nadu to Kerala. Bodhinatha sends us news from the last few days:

Om Sivaya everyone,

Our thirteenth day, Sun Jan 27th, of Innersearch activities. Our night, sleeper train, arrived on schedule at 5:15 AM in Rameshvaram. First activity breakfast at Royal Park Hotel, then sight seeing of some minor temples in the area, lunch at Kailas Ashram and a walking tour of Rameshvaram temple in the late afternoon followed by dinner at Kailash Ashram.

Our fourteenth day, Mon Jan 28th, of Innersearch activities. 9 AM bathing at Rameshvaram Temple. First is a dip in the ocean three times facing the sun, then through the temple receiving a bucket of water over the head from each of the twenty-two wells. Everyone felt quite purified and exhilarated afterwards. Next lunch at Kailash Ashram. In the late afternoon we had a special 1,008 kailasa abhishekam. A set of 1,008 small size kailasa were arranged on the floor in the shape of a lingam with a pedestal. Sri Rudram plus other chants were done. The Sri Rudram had about 12-15 priests chanting rapidly in a way that generated tremendous power. Then the kailasa, many combined into larger ones, were poured for the main lingam. It was quite a day, many innersearchers commented on how special it was.

Our fifteenth day, Tue Jan 29th, of Innersearch activities. Drove from Rameshvaram to Tiruchendur stopping at the Siva temple with the five foot emerald Nataraja. A brief darshan in the main shrine of Tiruchendur in the evening.

Our sixteenth day, Wed Jan 30th, of Innersearch activities. A six hour long ceremony at Tiruchendur from 5:30 AM to 11:30 AM. 10-15 priests participating in different parts. It was in their style of the priests being in two groups of chanting alternately with some overlap. 108 Kumbha puja to start, homa, abhishekam and archana and arati. The innersearchers found it quite uplifting and certainly a grand finale to our special temple visits. The afternoon was a three-hour bus ride to Kannyakumari.

Our seventeeth day, Thu Jan 31st, of Innersearch activities. It began with a puja/meditation at the Kannyakumari Temple. Had a sense of being ancient and special. Then a tour of Vivekananda Rock and Tiruvalluvar Moument which required three short boat rides to complete. Afternoon a three-hour drive to Kovalam and the end of the wonderful temple portion of our Innersearch.



Another shot from Tiruvannamalai…

Innersearch Slide Show Links

We continue today with the slideshow series. Our camera picks up the story today with events in Tiruvannamalai.

Note: To see the full-sized images and captions, click on the thumbnails

Tiruvannamalai Homa – Slideshow 1


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