Rajagopuram Moves Upward

Today we had another auspicious stonelift!

This is the main part of the gourgeously carved Rajagopuram, which will adorn the entrance to Iraivan.

This is how we lifted it, using a special steel cable that goes through the stone’s carved holes. It weights more than six tons. And we are very, very safety-oriented.

It is a rainy day, but nothing can stop our devoted team.

Iraivan is looking and feeling more like an ancient temple with each stone we add. It is truly one of those marvels that can only be found in India — and now on Kaua’i.

Somehow, it evokes the best of the old and the best of the new, the best of East and the best of West.

Jai Gurudeva! You alone made this possible.

News From Mauritius

At the Goodlands Maha Kumbabhishekum, the consecration ceremony of a newly constructed Siva temple built in line with Saiva Agamic traditions. A team of hired sivachariyas officiating the ceremony days before the great consecration….

The Mauritius students of the Himalayan Academy contributed towards the purchase of a new black granite Ganesha murthi.

The old saivite temple was pulled down and the new one facing the rising sun was built in its place.

Brah. Vel with Naden Caremben and his son inside the temple. Kulapati Rajen Manick helped the temple management with the publication of a Souvenir Magazine for that occasion.

The Sivalingam in the main sanctum.

Kulamata Premila Manick and a few devotees…

The entrance gopuram.

The main deities of the Goodlands Siva Soopramaniar Kovil are Lords Ganesha, Lord Muruga and Lord Siva in the form of the Siva Lingam.

Sivatrathna playing the mrdangam during bajans.

Back to the Spiritual Park of Mauritius where projects are in full swing with the construction of steps down the river.

Lava rocks which are being cut for use on the steps.

A new wall now runs down from the westen side of the property up to the end is now under construction. Here is the wall at the Mini Mela area.

Early morning parking at the December Homa down the La Pointe water front. Parking is now becoming a serious concern due to large numbers of vehicles moving into the Spiritual Park on the Ganesha Homa on the first Sunday of every month. By 10.00 AM parking sometimes is a real mess at this spot. Vehicles are parked everywhere!

The photos of the december Ganesha Homa are coming in our next TAKA. Till then… Greetings from the paradise island of Mauritius! Aum.

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