Bodhinatha in Bengaluru

News from our travelers in India. We hear it has been a very dynamic trip.

Here is Bodhinatha visiting with Nellaiappan’s daughter, Rajalakshmi, her husband Ramalingam and their daughters at the Golden Palms hotel near the Iraivan Temple carving site in Bangalore.

Then to visit Kailash Ashram, a matha dear to our heart. Bodhinatha is greeted in the traditional way.

Exiting the powerful Sri Rajarajeshwari Temple after darshan.

(Today is the last day of our phase.This edition of TAKA will remain posted over our coming two-day retreat, until Sun One, Friday, December 20.)

The gurukulam boys take Bodhinatha to meet Sri Jayendra Puri Swami.

Bodhinatha is greeted by Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Swami, head of Kailash Ashram and an old friend. This is the same room where Sri Sri Sri Tiruchyswami would receive us.

The traditional shawl and garland are given in greeting.

Later Bodhinatha visits the man-made meditation caves recently built at the ashram. One can enter the cave for a length of time up to one month. The devotee must remain in silence and receives food through this small door as per his request.

Another inside view of the caves

The ashram has a display showing Sri Sri Sri Trichy Mahaswamigal in his room, surrounded by the simple accoutrements of his austere life. They created a very realistic murti of their guru.

A smile with the gurukulam boys and ashram members.

Arumugaswami writes, “As we sit for lunch, the gurukulam boys chant for us. There is no talking at all while eating, and the boys take turn chanting melodically throughout the meal.”

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