Sun One at the Aadheenam

The monks are back from a great retreat, diving energetically into their kulam duties. It is a six-day phase ahead of us, full of opportunities to serve Lord Siva.

Bodhinatha, settled down after a long schedule of travels, gave a talk on being pure energy and moving through the chakras. Most people function through only two or three chakras at a time. As energy, we can choose to flow through the higher chakras.

We had a homa today, the first one presided by Bodhinatha in a few weeks, after sadhu paksha and his India travels.

The most visible activities are the lanscaping changes, so creative and inspiring. The more practical side of the excavator work is the grounds’ preparation for a water turbine, which will provide abundant clean hydro power for the monstery in the near future. This is still in its first stages, but we really want to make this work — we will, we can, we are able!

More Photos From Pancha Ganapati

A few more photos from the Pancha Ganapati celebrations here. This is Lord Ganesha, craftily covered in sandalwood.

Many gifts arrived and were put at His feet.

Before lunch, the monks honored Lord Ganesha together at the courtyard.

Sadhaka Nandinatha does the arati.

Offering the flame to Bodhinatha.

Later on, the evening saw a delectable meal prepared by some of our most able cooks, with a prodigious amount of delicious food available. Only with Ganesha’s blessings one could eat all that!

We all sat together as a family, had dinner and talked about Saivite scripture. It was a delightful time.

Monastery's Guests

We bring you some photos from the last days’ guests.

Seven bright happy families, all from different parts of India, America and Canada, pose for a photo while visiting the temple.

Supramaniam Suthaker brought his wife and two daughters, Nila and Roja, on pilgrimage from Edmonton, Canada. Here they pause briefly to feed
the rainbow Koi fish at one of the lotus ponds.

A beautiful prayerful Tamil song to Lord Ganesha before performing abhishekam.

Each member of the family participates in this sacred rite.

And Nandi abhishekam also.

A second visit to the Iraivan Temple to chat with silpis, Chelliaha, Karupiaha, and Lokesh in their native Tamil language.

This lovely family will later enjoy a private meeting with Sat Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Quite a large group of visitors arrived for a tour of the Iraivan Temple on the last tour day. All very happy to be here despite the sporadic episodes of heavy rain.

Larry Conklin (our crane operator) moves one of the five forms of Siva into position around the capstone with the guidance of Yoganathaswami.

Shortly before the Mahakhumba Abishekam, the Kalasam stone, representing Isana, will be placed on the very top of the lotus of the capstone.

Elsewhere, some chirpy love birds trying out a new rope swing gifted by Shakti Mahadevan, a devotee, who is also a bird lover.

Devas work through birds. We care for them with love and respect. Okay, we spoil them a little, too.

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