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Here is Bodhinatha at Swami Pragyanand’s Ashram in Delhi. That portion of the journey is featured in our pictures below.

Meanwhile Bodhinatha is resting in India after some intense events in Bangalore the team will be leaving to return home tomorrow or the next day. He writes:

Thu, Feb 14th, drove to Kailas Ashram after lunch, traditional greetings with garlands, nadaswaram and tavil, chat with Jajendrapuriswami. 5:30 PM to temple for end of one of the pujas, then back to Jayendrapuriswami for some philosophical conversation on Hindu traditions in Karnataka, particularly some advaita writings in the Kannada language which he will send us. He hopes to travel to USA in May.

Fri, Feb 15thWe drove to the new Rajasankara family home and Artha Enterprises compound for the grand tour and some opening ceremonies. A Ganesha homa-puja was done from 4-6 AM before we came. We arrived around ten, participated in first chipping on a Raja Gopuram stone, sharpening of chisels in patarai, cutting of a huge stone with their stone cutting machine, then gave a short talk to the silpis and toured the new house which is in a corner of the new compound. My talk focused on sharing some of the details of Gurudeva’s February 15, 1975 three-fold vision of Lord Siva and how Iraivan is a temple founded on a vision, a unique temple, probably the only one they will work on founded on a vision. Afterwards, Jiva pointed out that the days date was February 15, 2008, making the opening ceremony auspicious in another way. Next was a grand lunch at the Rajasanakara current home on Gangaswami’s property, then off to a nearby hotel, the Golden Palms.

A P.S. from Mauritius I thought you would enjoy, “My mother would like to thank you lots for the beautiful gift for Dharmasala. She went for the Murthi Stapana today. There was many of the church members present and Brahmachari performed a beautiful prayer. During the ceremony, they felt the presence of Gurudeva and Bodhinatha and at the same time, the rays of the sun was reflecting on the Shivalingum which no words can describe. All the devotees there chanted the Aum Namshivaya mantra during the ceremony.
We all thank you for this special and priceless gift.”

— Bodhinatha

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Kevin Turner, Yukiko his wife, and their little boy Kailash.

Kevin is a disciple of Sri Yukteswar’s successor whose Center he attended for some time in India. Kevin works for the Monroe Institute which is a Center that conducts many studies in energy fields, consciousness, and meditation. Kevin and Yukiko met with Paramacharya Ceyonswami in the Kadavul Siva Temple following the puja.

Kevin and Yukiko lived in Tokyo, Japan (Yukiko’s home) for many years and have more recently moved to Oahu. Bright little Kailash is becoming fluent in both Japanese and English, and his father is teaching him Chinese too!

Here they pose for a photo in front of Dakshinamurthy.

Monks in Delhi

More news from Delhi where the monks had a very productive visit.

Here is Palaniswami at our Hinduism Today’s correspondent, Rajiv Malik’s home and office where he works tirelessly for Hinduism Today. Rajiv is a wonderful ambassador for Hinduism Today in North India and was tirelessly and detailed in helping to plan out our visit here in Delhi. Thank you Rajiv!

Back at our hotel Palaniswami meets with the Jain brothers who are publishers.

Bodhinatha meets with Anil Gupta and his family. They drove 6 hours down from Haridwar to meet Bodhinatha. Anil is our main supplier of items for our Mini Mela. Here he presents Bodhinatha with a silver conch.

Palaniswami shares some iPhone photos with Anil and his family.

We are off to Swami Pragyananda’s ashram for a visit and he welcomes Bodhinatha with a huge loving hug.

Swamiji presents Bodhinatha with a very rare Siva lingam.

Then he takes us on a tour of his ashram.

Posing for a photo outside of the ashram.

Swamiji and Rajiv share a joyous moment.

On our way back while stopped at a traffic light a young hungry girl came up to our car. So we offered her a full box of candy that we had received as a gift much to her delight.

She joyously waves good bye and thank you as we drive away.

Today’s Innersearch Slide Show Links

Today we move on to the fabled land of Kerala where the innersearch stopped in Cochin for a final series of classes and events.

Kerala Classes and Mural Painter

Hatha Yoga in Kerala

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