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Bodhinatha in Mauritius

Bodhinatha’s visit continues with the visit of Satguru to a temple up a hill in Port Louis. The temple, in the background is still under construction. It is said that once Gurudeva visited this hill and showed the place where Muruga’s Vel was to be placed…

Bodhinatha walking down as the sun is setting.

Down the hill they have constructed a small temple shrine where pujas are conducted regularly by a young local priest. This is where devotees met to welcome Satguru Bodhinatha

Bodhinatha is welcomed inside with an arati.

A bhajan group is there already….

Devotees are seated in a tent outside…

The shrine has a few deities including a Siva Nataraja. Today is the first day special prayer to Lord Muruga in view of Sittirai Cavadee.

The representative of the temple welcoming Satguru Bodhinatha in a short speech.

Bodhinatha is invited to give a talk. The topic is about the concept of a Supreme God in Hinduism.

The devotees listening…

Kulapati Parmesh Pallanee who is very close to this temple translates Bodhinatha’s Talk.

Bodhinatha is elaborating the Smarta’s view of God Siva, too often depicted as destroyer…. Anbe Sivam. God Siva is Love.

God Siva is a Supreme God…

There is a short parade round the temple before the last part of the ceremony dedicated to Lord Muruga.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

Innersearch wakes up to a new day in Kerala. Our first day in Kovalam begins with a 6:30am hatha yoga class conducted by Saravananathaswami.

The grounds of the hotel are beautiful and spacious. And it is simply lovely in the morning out in nature.

Ok, stretch everyone!

Time to go within.

The backwaters in front of the hotel at the foot hill.

The hotel is located right next to the beach and after our yoga session we take a stroll down to the shore to watch the fisherman bring in their catch.

It’s a lot of hard work and it is amazing to see these men haul in these huge nets.

One of the many beautiful flowers on the hotel grounds.

Breakfast is at the poolside restaurant and after a morning yoga workout everyone is present for a nice breakfast.

The first class today is conducted by Palaniswami and we all gather in the Coconut hall for this.

We introduce Amma Sivayogam who is joining us in Kovalam as a very special guest. Amma is from Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

And she is the daughter-in-law of Kandiah Chettiar, the man who cared for Gurudeva when he first went to Sri Lanka as a youth. Kandiah Chettiar also was the one that took Gurudeva to meet Yogaswami for the first time.

Palaniswami begins his class on Shum meditations.

Deva Rajan and his children, Shivani and Kailas.

Rathy Nadanachandran from Australia takes the opportunity to speak with Palaniswami during the break.

Back to the class.

For lunch we head off to our neighboring hotel, the Uday Samudra for a grand feast that the Master Chef specially prepared for Bodhinatha and our group.

We greeted in the traditional way.

Hiranya and Saraswati Gowda take this opportunity to care and feed Eshan Mallampalli. One of the lovely things about Innersearch is the spirit of everyone looking out for one another.

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