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Bodhinatha in Mauritius

Mauritius events for Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanwami continue with a visit to the Spiritual Park of Mauritius which was created by Gurudeva in 1986. The latest development at the Park is the recent installation of a “Narmada Lingum” at one of the view points near the river.

Satguru Bodhinatha conducting an arati at the Sivalingum murthi which symbolises the formless form of Supreme God Siva.

The small Pancha Mukha Ganapati Shrine is Blessed too with the Guru’s presence.

Some lucky visitors who happen to be there on that day…

A walk down the Park in the direction of the Muruga Mandapam.

Inside the Muruga Mandapam at the far end of the Park where the sea breeze is strongly felt….

Bodhinatha walking round the huge black granite murthi of Lord Muruga.

The Kulapatis are present at the Park explaining to Bodhinatha future plans regarding a car park close to this Mandapam…

The walk continues… so many things to see there.

Satguru Bodhinatha near the Ganesha Bridge…

Others visitors… the parents are so happy to have Bodhinatha Bless their child…

Members Soondiren Arnasalon and his wife were there to greet Bodhinatha.

A short visit into the Mini Mela..

The next activity was a meeting with the Mauritius Kulapaties in the Dharmasala building. Bodhinatha talked about current projects and maintenance of the property and the next visit of Satguru to Maurirtius in 2009.

A souvenir photo with all the kulapaties who are taking good care of the Spiritual Park.

On leaving the Spiritual Park to go to Flacq, Bodhinatha stopped at the Canagasaby family residence for some refreshments.. It was Tamil New Year day and a very Divine visitor blessed their home..

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

Our days in Kovalam are very relaxed.

With lots of time for classes, time to go within and time to spend with new and old friends.

Gathering for breakfast at the poolside restaurant.

So many bright happy faces eagerly waiting for class to begin.

Deva Rajan gifts Amma Sivayogam with a book on Kauai.

Today’s photos focus on the friendships that are made on Innersearch. A great opportunity to meet fellow seekers on the path and to make lifetime friendships with some who might love a ride on your shoulders.

Others a massage…

and some to discuss and share the depths of the journey with.

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