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Bodhinatha Has Gone to South Africa

Bodhinatha is in transit and is probably already settled in South Africa. More news tomorrow.

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Long time devotee from Bethesda Washington, Padmini Saravanapavan has come to Kauai for a pilgrimage. Amma has been preparing some special meals for the monks and it has been marvelous to have some *real* home cooked Jaffna style dishes! String hoppers and Sodi!

Padmini and her deceased husband Saravanapavan were instrumental in the connection between the Aadheenam and the Murugan temple that was built in Maryland. She kept the Ganesha that Gurudeva gave to the society in their home and conducted worship there for many years until the temple was built.

Recently the Aadheenam gifted some small murthies to the temple and Padmini has brought donations from devotees to Kauai.

Thank you Amma! and thanks to all our friends and supporters in Maryland!

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

Our intrepid, hardworking and ingenious Iraivan temple support team, the Siddhidata Kulam, were moving the scaffolding today. This amazing platform they have built for the silpis is portable and they move it down along the temple wall today…

Now, the roofline that the silpis have been working on is finally open to see!


Iraivan’s West Side Story

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

We continue with scenes from our days in Kovalam. Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Dandapani share a humorous moment just before class begins.

Definitely one of those special times during Innersearch when we get to sit at the feet of the satguru.

Bodhinatha’s classes are on Gurudeva’s mystical Shum language of meditation.

Excerpts from our study guide: “Gurudeva outlines in detail in the Sh�m word �mfm�mf exactly how the first �kanuhsh�m, learning the eighteen basic images, is to be approached. Initially the student learns to chant and write these eighteen images of the alphabet. Once this is somewhat mastered, the student learns the colors connected to the images. The third step is to visualize, with eyes closed, each image along with its color. Lastly, while breathing nine counts in and nine counts out, the student uses the eighteen images to mark the counts while vitalizing the color and the shape of the image.

We will together go through each of the eighteen images, visualizing the colors. If you know the Sh�m script, visualize the script of each image at the same time.”

Bodhinatha guides the class in meditation.

And after the class there is always an opportunity to ask more questions and share your thoughts with the ever approachable Bodhinatha.

Another day another beautiful sunset.

At dinner tonight we celebrate Shivani Rajan’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Shivani!

Lots of well wishes from everyone to her.

Another joyous day for all.

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