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Bodhinatha is Back!

Bodhinatha and Sadhaka Haranandinatha arrived home after a 48-hour journey from South Africa. Twenty-two hours of that were spent inside the Singapore Airport!

But if you had to be stuck anywhere for a day, that would be a good place to be.

We are all happy to have our Satguru back with us!

And our dear brother Sadhaka Haranandinatha….

All the monks meet Bodhinatha on arrival.

Arati in the temple. The iPhone captures the inner effulgence that is Kadavul Siva Temple

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Another beautiful Spring morning brought many worshipers for the morning puja at the Kadavul Siva Temple. Among them were (far left) Ashok and Divya Saini from Antioch, CA (originally Delhi, India). They had heard about the Kauai Hindu Temple from relatives who had previously visited here. Ashok felt the ‘tangible’ peacefulness that permeates the entire property here and was moved to remark “what a truly spiritual place this is!”

Vijay and Panna Sheth are from Daytona, FL,. They had previously pilgrimaged here in 2004, were “amazed” at the progress of the Iraivan Temple.

Harshad and Rita Shah from Fremont, CA made a special pilgrimage on the recommendation of friends and were deeply moved by the puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple. They stated that their visit here was “unbelievably wonderful” and plan to pilgrimage here again.

All three couples made a special pilgrimage to Kauai to visit the temple here. Gurudeva foresaw the Iraivan Temple as being a pilgrimage site for Hindus the world over. And that is what it has become, even though the Iraivan Temple is not yet completed, pilgrims continue to arrive from all over the world to visit this most sacred site revealed in a three-fold vision to Sivaya Subramuniyaswami more than thirty years ago.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

We bring you today the last set of photos from our 2008 Asian Odyssey. Continuing with our morning appreciation event at the Leela hotel in Kovalam.

Everyone takes the time to appreciate one another.

After the appreciation event by the beach we head of the “pandal” for our finale breakfast.

It is grandly decorated for our arrival.

Everyone received a marigold garland.

Oisin and Ruby are quick to grab seats next to Bodhinatha.

The hall is beautifully decorated and has a traditional Kerala style roof.

Bodhinatha begins the event with a farewell speech to all.

Ravi Rahavendran was asked to say a few words on behalf of everyone.

Arumugaswami takes this opportunity to honour Thomas Kelly for his outstanding photographic contribution to Hinduism Today magazine over the years.

Bodhinatha presents him with the Hinduism Today “Hindu Photographer of the Year” award for 2007. The first such award given out by Hinduism Today magazine. Thank you Thomas for all the wonderful photographs you took on this Innersearch plus that we’ve enjoyed in Hinduism Today over the years.

Bodhinatha presents a shawl of gratitude to GK Nair our Hinduism Today correspondent in Kerala who is always ever ready to help us.

Amma Sivayogam shares her experience of joining the group in Kerala. She heads back to Sri Lanka. Thank you Amma for looking after our beloved Gurudeva when he was a young man in Sri Lanka staying in your father-in-law’s home.

Everyone is then given 30 seconds to say a few parting words.

Bodhinatha places a shawl on Kailash Dhaksinamurthi for all his wonderful work in helping with this Innersearch.

Nellaiappan Lakshmanan from Chennai is also honoured and appreciated for all his help. Nellaiappan worked very hard setting up all the events at the temples we visited.

More Innersearchers share their experiences with all.

Thank you TAKA viewers for joining us on this 931 photo retrospective of the 2008 Asian Odyssey. 97 people from 15 countries joined our Bodhinatha on this inner and outer pilgrimage that visited Cambodia, Malaysia and India. We hope you will be able to join us on our next Innersearch adventure! Aum Namasivaya!

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