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Bodhinatha in Baltimore

This is at Siva Kesavan’s home in Baltimore. The Siva Puranam was sung devoutly while performing the pada puja. Then the children sang some devarams. Bodhinatha gave a short prasnotara satsang, answering many questions on karma and the Hindu Gods.

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

Another great day yesterday: the last jalakom (stone lattice “window”) was installed. Here we are on the east side of the temple near the entrance on the side of the Rajagopuram mandapam.

This is an extremely delicate operation. One wrong move and the large panel will crack.

This particular piece of stone was taken from a different quarry and had an unusual mixture of crystal and granite making it a bit more fragile than usual.

We even had a call from India from Chidambaram Sthapati from the work site to tell us: “Be really careful with this stone!”

Everyone is holding their breath all the way through the operation. This is actually the second one carved for this corner of the temple because the first one cracked in two as it was being lifted in Bangalore.

By the end of the day the installation was successful. Once the roof beam goes on top, it will be declared “Good for 1,500 years!”

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