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Monthly Video Summary

The monks have finished the first edition of our new monthly video and are happy to present it here. This month, Bodhinatha tells us of his travels to Arizona, Illinois, California and Ontario. Iraivan Temple gets a floor and a ceiling, a silpi departs the monastery after five years of service, hundreds of guests come from all walks of life, monks go on a high-tech educational voyage to New York and California, the nation of Nepal, the world’s last Hindu kingdom, goes secular, and we enjoy a video message from Gurudeva about sadhana and willpower.

YouTube only allows us to embed a somewhat mediocre quality version here on our web page (below). If you would like to watch it in higher quality (including HD) or download it to play on your iPod Video, iPod Touch or iPhone, use this link. Subscribe to our video podcast in iTunes here. (HD version of the podcast is here for those with high bandwidth.)

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the July edition!

Guru Purnima at Our Mauritius Spiritual Park and Monastery

Mauritius devotees celebrated Guru Purnima on Sunday, the first day of the Guru Purnima Festival. Sishyas met at the Ganesha Mandapam where a special peedam was set for the Pada puja…

A cool morning and silence pervaded the Mandapam while the pada puja is being conducted.

The Guru’s Holy Sandals….

Kulapaties Manon, Koothan and Kulagan…

Devotees sang Narchintanai….

The arati…. everyone chanted the Guru Mantra…

Kulapati Mardemotoo gave a talk from two sections of the book “Living With Siva”. Emphasis was on the nature of God Siva and the need to spread the Guru’s teachings through inviting everyone to have a copy of the Saivite Trilogy.

Devotees are listening….

The Tiruvadi is covered with flowers…

Happy Guru Purnima to Beloved Satguru Bodhinatha from Mauritius sishyas…

Time for everyone to prostrate at the Holy Tiruvadi…

The youth joyfully waiting for their turn to prostrate at the Holy Tiruvadi.

Master Course, Level 2 student, Mootoocurpen leading a Natchintanai.

Devotees come forward for the flame and other blessed items.

Ravind Doorghiat and his wife have joined the Church membership. They are from Kulapati Koothan kutumba and have been long time dedicated arulsishyas of the Church. A happy Saivite family now… Congratulations!

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here Panshula meets with Shanmuganathaswami. Panshula Ganeshan explains how much Gurudeva changed his life for the better.

About 7 years ago, Panshula spent a few months here on task force. Pansula explained how, by following Gurudeva’s advice and staying in close communication, his life was transformed and continues to transform. The monks are so happy to hear his testimonies. Thank you Panshula!

Tour day brought many, many visitors.

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