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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun Three today. The Ekadanta Kulam was busy with tour day, guest management and is still processing in coming Guru Purnima Rededications.

Over 90 souls came to see Siva at the 11 am tour spot!

Young children love to try their hand at carving granite.

Wow! That’s really hard!

Bodhinatha Blogspot

An update from our Sivathondar’s in Malaysia:

Ganesha Saranam,
Satguru Saranam,
Vanakkam Prostration Swami,
Swami may want to look at today’s

I’ve updated with a slick slide show and made the blogspot more animated and lively. Slowly with other team members (especially Madhu), we’re moving to make this blogspot as lively and as interesting to read and get them come forward to know more about SSC, teachings, Guru Parampara and Iraivan

Hope Swami likes it.
Aum Sivaya,
Ravichandran Ceyon

Arunesh Chudikarana

These are some pictures from our son, Arunesh Eswaran’s Chudakarana Samskara when he was 3 months old in conjunction with the Chitra Purnima celebration in Malaysia. It was done at 6.30am on Saturday, April 19, 2008 in the Nattukottai Chettiar Sri Dandayuthapani Temple, Waterfall Road, Penang, Malaysia. The traditional Indian barber came to the temple and did the shaving in a room at the back of the temple. He used the traditional knife and did a perfect job–without even a single cut. Arunesh was calm and quiet throughout. After the head shaving he was given a bath in the temple itself and was dressed in new white clothes ready for the temple puja and an elaborate archana offering for Lord Muruga. Finally, a variety of prasadam was given to all who were in the temple.

Arunesh sits on his father, Sivaram Eswaran’s lap, ready for the shaving.

The barber uses a traditional straight razor to shave off the hair.

The shaving begins with the top of the head.

The top is almost finished.

Now on to the side of the head.

Arunesh’s grandmother, Thana Lakshimi Kuppusamy, collects Arunesh’s birth hair as the barber removes it, one lock at a time. We will later offer it into a river next to the temple.

Now for the back of the head…

Arunesh is quiet and concentrated…

He even seems to like it…

This is great! So nice to have a bare head and share it with family.

After a full-body gath in the temple itself, Arunesh’s mother, Devika Eswaran, dries him off and dresses him.

Complete with vibhuthi and pottu and chandanam on his head.

Arunesh sits on his maternal uncle, Punitharaja Nadaraja’s lap, awaiting for the temple puja to start.

Arunesh Eswaran in his white kurta suit. Congratulations, little one as you begin your spiritual journey on the Earth.

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