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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

It is Sun Two and the Ekadanta Kulam gave news of their activities today. Saravananathaswami explained how he was working to implement the new digital Master Course. Students fill out their self-evaluation pages for the Master Course lessons in the computer in PDF’s. In Mauritius, not everyone has a computer so those students without computers are getting printed sheets and filling them in and then students with computers are teaming up to help them fill them in on screen and send them back to the Aadheenam.

Sadhaka Dandapani is focused on the Kauai Aadheenam monthly newsletter which is also a PDF that is put on our web server. He has also upgraded our visitor’s web page area to make our guidelines clear. There are two sections, one for pilgrims and one for casual visitors. Our retreat days are also shown to show when the monks will be unavailable and the San Marga grounds are closed.

He has also created a “mini-tour” map that details the area out in front of Kadavul, for arriving visitors. It shows the Banyan tree, Arumugam statue there, Kadavul Temple, the lookout to the river and Mini-mela.

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