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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Bodhinatha is in Denver today. Meanwhile at home the joyous satsang with His Holiness Jayendrapuri Swami, current head of Sri Kailash Ashrama was the big event of the day.

But first we take a look at our “Wall of Rain” where our three supplicants are now performing the sadhana of “Sitting by the Wall”. For thirty days they sit here for before breakfast and lunch and put in as many more hours as they can. The purpose of the tapas is to beg to be accepted into Kauai Aadheenam and take the first formal vows as monks to become Sadhaka.

Brahmachari’s Nandi, Tandava and Rajan are “begging entrance.” During this time they beg the devas to assist in adjusting their inner minds to become one with the inner mind of the monastery. They meditate on their sacred purpose in pursuing the spiritual path in our community.

Jayendra Puri Arrives!

Sri Jayendra Puri arrived last night and this morning he performed his normal 2 hour Sri Chakra puja before coming to the monastery later in the morning.

Here he is at the front of Kadavul Temple. He later said that he has lived in many ashrams and monasteries all over India and nothing compares to Kauai Aadheenam. He told the monks at lunch that two great Maha Purushas stand out over everyone: Gurudeva and his own Guru Trichyswami. Jayendrapuri swami has known us for many years and it was a life long dream today that was fulfilled for him to finally come to Kauai.

Swami observes the traditional practice of removing his shirt for arati.

And then he prostrates before Lord Siva Nataraja

He offers gifts at Gurudeva’s samadhi where he also placed the paduka of his guru Trichy swami that he worships as he travels.

Next a visit to Iraivan to see the temple and meet the silpies

A stop to see the lotus pond

Even before swami became the head of Kailash Ashrama after his Guru attained Maha Samadhi, Jayendrapuri was a tireless worker at Kailash Ashrama in Bangalore and our silpis know him well.

A rare moment inside the inner sanctum of Iraivan.

Now we are off to the Swayambhu Lingam where Gurudeva had his visions.

Rudraksha trees always delight our visitors from India


Swami and his entourage returned to have lunch with the monks. He is traveling with another swami, one brahmachari in yellow another young man who is a hatha yoga expert, three priests, his own cook and a grihasta attendant, Dr. Sridhara.

After lunch, Paramacharya Palaniswami asked Jayendrapuri to give some words of wisdom to our three new premonastics, begging at the wall.

He gave a marvelous upadesha, reminding us all of the three great gifts that can only come by God’s grace: a human birth, longing for liberation and the proximity of a Maha Purusha, a realized soul. He explained that while most youth are, as described by scriptures, like “monkeys” whose minds are agitated, become more agitated, then become like people possessed by ghosts and finally, when they get money, are lost in the world, that for them to have the volition to come to Kauai Aadheenam was a rare and precious quality.

He explained that while sitting by the wall they should understand what they had to do, and that was to completely leave behind the identity they had before, and become beings who are entirely dedicated to liberation and service.

He described the freedom of liberation as not one of personal freedom, but complete freedom from desire and the “hankering” for things of the world.

His talk was a great inspiration to all the monks and blessing. He knows what he speaks of. Those who have lived at Kailash Ashram are always amazed. He said we are all blessed because we have known beings like Gurudeva and Trichyswami “who, out of compassion gave up everything for themselves to build a place like this for all of us.”

Group photos…

Next a stop inside Kadavul. At this very spot Gurudeva sat with Trichyswami next to the Maha Sphatika lingam and that photo hangs in Kailash Ashram. So everyone wanted to also be with the Crystal Lingam.

Yoginathaswami shows Swami the Jyotisha board which has all planets arranged according to their positions each day.

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