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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun One begins a six-day phase with home and a talk by Bodhinatha.

Bodhinatha commented on the daily Master Course lesson section from Merging with Siva about the importance of bhakti in our lives.

Bodhinatha in Johor, Malaysia

We continue with the photo documentary of Bodhinatha’s stay in malaysia, continuing with events on the even ing Monday the 25th at the Ganesha temple.

Ravichandran with the story:

Here are some Gold Ganesha Kacham ready to be placed on an auspicious day!

Nitysankaran double acts as well – at registration booth!

“Ganesa kacham” – Brilliant gold!!

Crowd overflowed, no space in the temple! But listened attentively from outside!


Another section of devotee outside temple hall.

Listening and viewing Iraivan VCD presentation!

Everyone rushed forward to get “vibuthi blessings” from Satguru! None missed!!

“Vibuthi blessing”

Happy to listen and witness a great Jagadacharya deliver “upadesa” on the greatness of Hinduism!

Bharatha Natyam dance.

The next morning we hosted Bodhinatha for breakfast at the Johor branch of Temple of Fine Arts (TFA), which always has an Annalakshmi restaurant.

The Annalakshi “sevakars” preparing breakfast.

We had a simple but wonderful breakfast at Annalakshmi(TFA) restaurant, Johor Bahru.(26th August, 2008)

Meantime, Satguru and Yoginathaswami meet Sivaprabhananda Swamiji – resident Sannyasin Temple Of Fine Arts (JB). He was initiated by Shantanand Saraswathi Swamiji, founder of the society.

Leaving Annalakshmi to “Hutan Bandar” – recreation mini jungle park.

Thanking Swamiji before leaving.

Brief discussion before breakfast.

Satguru waits for Siva’s car to arrive in Annalakshmi restaurant.


Mr. Radha Krishan receives a small gift from Satguru for his contribution to Iraivan floor-tile while Madhu looks on.

Saying “good-bye” and farewell.

Thank You Satguru for coming and showering everyone in Johor Bahru with abundance of blessings! Please come again!

Lunch at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant at Taman Gaya, Johor

Yoginathaswami having a conversation with Mr Radhakrishnan.

Mmm! spicy and delicious!

We brought Satguru to a prominent local Chinese vegetarian restaurant on 26th August and gave a small farewell gift to Satguru – Kashmiri shawl.

Thanks to TFA(JB),’s Swamij and members for arranging breakfast to Satguru and Swami. Usually they open at 11.00am for lunch. This is a special arrangement for us in the morning at 9.30am!

Yogaswami Girls Home, Sri Lanka

Some good news from Sri Lanka. Nulifer Clubwala sent a donation to the orphanage and Patrick Harrigan who took care of the give write back from Sri Lanka:

“Yesterday Helen Downham and I spent the morning shopping for sporting goods that Helen thought the girls of Yogaswami Hindu Girls Home could use. We bought two good quality volleyballs (they had been using some heavy duty ball unsuited for girls), tennis balls, a set of four badminton rackets with net and shuttlecocks, as well as some puzzles and English books, and drove to Sittandy where we presented the children with the sporting items.”

The donation you sent was put to good use refurbishing all the toilets that were badly in need of repair, plus the small amount spent for sporting goods, books and puzzles, the rest was used for food.

Rather more interesting, perhaps, are the photos taken yesterday of the girls while working in their computer room (they now have 5 computers), at lunch, and with Helen displaying the sports items and books and puzzles.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Yogaswami Hindu Girls Home.

Thanking you once again and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

as ever,

Patrick Harrigan
Executive Director
Sri Lanka Children’s Trust

To find out more about this orphanage and to make a donation to help endow the Yogaswami Hindu Girls’ Home in perpetuity you please visit the Hindu Heritage Endowment web site.

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