Another Phase Begins

We began another phase after a full retreat which include Iraivan day and Chitra puja.


Today’s homa is conducted by Yogi Jivanandanatha

Chitra Puja

On the first day of our retreat, Sadhaka’s Tejadevanatha and Satyanatha perform the pada puja for Gurudeva.

Bodhinatha chants Sri Rudram with the monks.

After the chanting is over, the rest of puja is conducted in silence, which is traditional for this Guru puja. As the abhishekam is performed one can feel Gurudeva’s presence entering the atmosphere.

Jai Satguru Subramuniyaswami-ki Jai!

Wailua Mission Iraivan Morning

The Wailua mission held their monthly “Iraivan Morning” this month in the Banyan Mandapam outside of Kadavul temple yesterday.

Uma Sivanathan, and two Master Course students, Faith Collier, and Leonora Orr, making jewelry from rudraksha beads

Tandu Sivanathan, Aran Sendan, and and Master Course student, Justice Collier, filling the racks with rudraksha beads to be pressure washed

Some of the items to be blessed at the Temple and then offered for sale in the Mini Mela. Through this seva, the mission has raised thousands of dollars for Iraivan temple and blessed countless pilgrims with rudrakshas that go home with them, carrying the blessings of Lord Nataraja from Kauai back to their lives in the world.

Bodhinatha Jayanthi in Mauritius – Part II

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami! We bring you the second series of photos of Guru Jayanthi celebration at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius.

The Tiruvadi decorated with flowers.


Arati to the Holy Sandals….

Kulapati Manon reading the Guru’s message.

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami says on the power of affirmation: “Gurudeva’s use of the word haphazard reminded me of the affirmation keynote we have created. Part of it reads: “The idea behind affirmations is that through the repetition of positive statements, we can improve our self-concept, make greater progress on the spiritual path and, in general, increase our magnetism to success. To progress spiritually, a positive self-concept is essential. For this, the use of affirmations can be quite helpful.”

A keynote presentation prepared by Rajen Manick entitled “Words of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami” consisted of extracts from Upadeshas of Bodhinatha on several aspects of our Guru’s teachings.

A special Jayanthi cake was baked for our Beloved Bodhinatha.

Kulapati SK Moorghen was invited to cut the cake for this occasion…. while everyone chanted “Happy Birthday to Bodhinatha”.

Another birthday cake….

Then the front of the peedham was cleared to allow sishyas to prostrate at the Tiruvadi.

Happy faces …. Kulapati Manon and Kulapati Valaytan.

Little Omvathi and her mother Anjeeni Devi Peruman.

Dinner was served on this occasion.

Ravindrah Doorgiat going around with his tray of cakes…the kids present were delighted.

A quiet evening on the steps of the Ganesha Mandapam….. and enjoying a meal together.

Down the steps of the Ganesha Bridge.

A feeling of siva sambandan pertaining the whole place….

On the whole Guru Jayanthi was a very nice ceremony for the sishyas of the island. Everyone enjoyed the darshan of the Guru and the real family bond of all the sishyas of our sampradaya.

Happenings in Sri Lanka

Photos arrived of the opening of the new facilities for the Tirunavakarasu Orphanage in Sri Lanka. You will remember that the old building was destroyed in the Asian Tsunami. Finally, the boys have a new home, more inland this time.

The photos here are of the official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Two swamis graced the event, and Kannan welcomes them in the traditional way.

The ribbon is cut to open the building. With the next few photos we give a few Yogaswami gems of wisdom. His life and teachings, along with Gurudeva's, are the fundamental inspiration behind this orphanage.

YOGASWAMI SAID: You must not be indifferent to work because your salary is poor.

We must demolish the fortress that we ourselves have built.

The great say that we should remain without like or dislike.

All men are beautiful walking flowers. Instead of remaining as a witness and enjoying all this, man suffers through being possessed by the disease of 'I' and 'mine'.

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