Bodhinatha Darshans

Kanda Alahan is on his way back home and came for Bodhinatha's blessings. During the days following the Mahasamadhi ceremony he has been helping the monastery with a special woodworking project.

Priti and Rajiv Khoshoo from Irvine, California and Priti's sister, Sheela Datt, from New Delhi. They are Kashmiri Shaivites. Their many fine questions evoked a wonderfully mystical talk from Bodhinatha about the evolution of the soul towards moksha through many lifetimes and the inner workings of the reincarnation process.

Yesterday's Tour

This new stop is simply spectacular for our guests. After the recent torrential rain is was a big relief for all the guests to see Rishi Valley still intact with all the Bonsai sitting safely on their pedestals.

It was one of those special days with perfect weather and a very inner group. Their collective energy brought forth a very high vibration as they flowed as one mind from one stop to the next.

Dakshinamurthi was bathed in sunlight and seemed to promise the return of sunshine and soft trade winds.

Each plant seemed to be greeting the sun with immense joy!

Rudraksha trees seem to spread their branches out in welcoming the guests. As one guest commented,”this is the most peaceful place I have ever been.” This statement bears witness to the home of a living master, the constant sadhana of the monks and the inner plane blessings that saturate the San Marga lands.

The gentleman in the middle is Mike Lang. He is from an ancient tradition of Mongolian Acupressure practitioners. He insisted on going to his car and getting his medical kit and looking closer into the ears of some of the tour group. Just by looking into someone’s ear he could tell them their entire medical history.

The “tools of the trade” .

These are white mustard seeds (instead of needles) that he presses and pastes into exact locations on your ear which gives immediate relief for all kinds of medical needs. He says that doctors are killing people with their drugs today and that the ancients had more holistic ways of curing people. His healing tradition dates back over 5,000 years in China.

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