New Phase Begins Count Down to Parliament

We began a new phase today with an uplifting homa.

Yogi Jivanandanatha performs the homa today.

We are on a 5-day count down now as Bodhinatha, Paramacharya Palaniswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami are 100% focused on getting prepared for their trip to Australia for the Parliament of the World Religions.

Another thing for everyone to note: our fall Sadhu Paksha begins on December 1st, the day that Bodhinatha departs. This means there will be no homa the following Sun One.

Bodhinatha gave a marvelous upadesha/commentary on Gurudeva’s lesson on the human aura today, explaining how emotions can produce colors in the aura, but that Gurudeva also gave us tools to use colors to change our emotions.

Nallur Sri Lanka, July 2009

We often receive a lot of photos that are more than be carried by TAKA and we are also working on alternate slideshow technologies that we can use to quickly deploy sets of photos. This new slideshow framework is still under development. One of the things we hope to do is find easy ways to add sound and narration. Please click here to view this show of this year’s chariot festival of Lord Murugan at Nallur, Sri Lanka. If you have any comments to make on functionality please email your feedback to[email protected]org. We are particularly interested if you are able (or not able) to hear the background flute music (courtesy of Shashank.)

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