Homa Begins New Phase

We begin a new, six-day phase today. Arumugaswami and Yoginathaswami are on their way home.

Yogi Jivanandanatha is our homa priest.

Monks chanting and going deep within during the ceremony before Lord Muruga.

Silpi Karuppaiah got up early to join us today. He will be going home soon to India.

Guests and Pilgrims

Guests who visited last phase:

Attending the morning puja yesterday (23rd) were Punit and Anaradha Pandya (right) visiting from California. They are also subscribers to Hinduism Today. First time visitors Mr. Nair and his wife Geetha from Ottawa, Canada also atttended the puja and both stated that they felt very blessed to be here and found the spiritual power of the temple and peaceful tropical environment of the Aadheenam to be very uplifting and inspiring. Behind Mr. Nair and Geetha (in yellow) is Muktha who is originally from India and has more recently made Kauai her new home.

Today (24th) the temple was filled with visitors from California, New York, Kentucky, Washington and Hawaii.

Far left is Dr. Babu Venkatesh Gupta with his wife Sadhna (also a physician) and their two children Jay (7) and Anjali (9), and in blue is Kimberley Wyckham who is here pilgrimaging for eleven days. From New York is Norbert and Susan Woods who have “never seen such a beautiful place.” Cyndi and Garrett Birch are from Southern California, and Badal and Anar Raval who now live on Kona, Hawaii and are “very happy that there is a Hindu Temple in Hawaii.”

Today, this beautiful peaceful morning brought Hindu families from all parts of the Mainland. All attended the morning puja and those who remained after the puja were taken on a walking tour of the Iraivan Temple and grounds.

(L/R) Ravinarans and his wife Sudershanarans, Vinod and Neelam Chaudhry all from New Jersey; Subhash and Shaku Vaidya from Pennsylvania and their son, Manish Vaidya from San Francisco. On the far right is Myra Sternlieb, RN who teaches nursing and lectures at San Jose State University. She is also attempting to incorporate wholistic health into the nursing curriculum.

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