Jivana Ritau Begins

Bodhinatha had another full day in London. No news today for TAKA from him or Shanmuganathswami.

Meanwhile at home we raised the coral flag of the Jivana Ritau. See the slideshow below.

Jivana Ritau, Season of Work and Beauty

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  • [slidepress gallery=’2009-08-16-flagraising’]

    Wailua Mission Gets Ready for Ganesh Chaturthi

    Our Wailua Mission members have made clay Ganesha’s, getting ready for the coming Ganesha Chaturthi and Ganesha Visaraja.


    The Suthaker family is back from Edmonton, Canada, on their second pilgrimage to Kauai Aadheenam. They also enjoyed a week in Maui before arriving on Kauai. Sutha, Nagula and daughters Nila and Roja.

    They hadn't experienced the ball in lion's mouth on the last visit, so now was the opportunity

    Our seasonal flag changing was happening in the distance, so they took photos.

    Another family joined the tour and the sons tried their hand at sculpting

    Suthaker family happy to note the progress of Iraivan Temple. They are monthly pledge supporters.

    Blue Sky Meeting

    Every three months the six members of the Ganapati Kulam spends the morning working on what Gurudeva loved to call "the future of futures." With nothing but planning and creative ideas on the agenda, the team discussed the many sides of digital publication distribution: Google Books, Scribd, Kindle, eReaders of all sorts. As Gurudeva looked on, they dove next into planning for the 2010 Kauai Innersearch scheduled for June 12-21. Those who are eager to sign up for this next Travel-Study Program will be seeing an online application in the next week or so.

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