Spiritual Park Mauritius-July Ganesha Homa

The spiritual vibration and huge attendance at the July Ganesha Homa at the Spiritual Park of Mauritius is in itself an inspiring reference of the Hindu population fervent spirit of worship in this island. A variety of flowers and garlands adorn Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati for this special day!

Sishya Aroulen Arnasalon, helping on the Mandapam steps coming with a bunch of flowers for the deity.

Suddenly taken by surprise by our TAKA photographer, this very young lady was not sure whether to smile or be serious, while her parents are happily participating in our bajans.

During the first arati to the Lord Ganapati all devotees stand up ….

The four kulapaties conducting the ceremony with offerings of grains while written prayers from devotees are being burnt.

Kulapati Manon Mardemootoo's talk was on a few topics taught during the Kauai Innsearch 2010 which kulapati attended.

Devotes seated in the Mandapam….

The area around the Mandapam is packed too with devotees …..

And still far away from the Mandapam there is barely any space to move….

Worshipping at the Siva Dakshina murthi…

The ceremony over, a team of ladies volunteer to help prepare small plastic bags filled with fruits and sweets o be offered as prasadam to all devotees present.

Devotees being introduced to Bodhinatha's teachings by volunteers at the Himalayan Academy Booth…

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