Sun Six

This is the end of a productive phase. Though it was not tour day the temple was very busy. Two groups arrived including a group from Germany.

Anticipation of Bodhinatha’s visit to Mauritius is running high as many members will be receiving initiations on this trip. After years of diligent study and sadhana, these dedicated Saivite souls will hear the Holy Panchakshara Mantra from the lips of the Satguru or be initiated into the powerful practice of personal daily Saiva Atmartha puja which puts them firmly on a foundation for the performance of the deeper raja yoga practices.

Today is the last day of our phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Navami Tithi, Sun One, Sunday, January 24th.

Yesterday's Tour Day in the Mini-Mela

Stepping back to yesterday we go into the Minimela where all our visitors end up after the tour.

Vayudeva Varadan is visiting for a week to help Shanmuganathaswami in the Pillaiyar Kulam. As a professional writer, he will be helping to write synopsis of Gurudeva's books to help visitors have a brief overall idea of what each book has to offer.

Bramacharini Lila Devi helps daily in the Mini-Mela. Today a guest was interested in buying one of the beautiful unique and original handmade rudraksha necklaces made by Kulamata Savitri Palani in Concord, CA. Br. Lila also showed our guests the special "Ekka Muki" single faced and "Gowri Shankar" double rudraksha beads from India.

Each tour day when Bodhinatha is in residence, he enjoys signing books purchased in the Mini-Mela by our visitors.

Shoppers examining books in the Mini-Mela.

Vayudeva enjoys darshan with Bodhinatha.

Jason Stein is a professional mediator from San Francisco (in the striped shirt on the far left) He helps people solve disputes saving expensive legal fees and frees up the court system. He also teaches mediation to lawyers. Bodhinatha shares insights on the importance of mediation on legal disputes instead of taking cases to court. Bodhinatha recommended he read the HHE Estate Planning package to help individuals set up a well planned estate and will. Disputes over distribution of an estate after someone passes on is one of the biggest sources of family disputes and litigation. Estate planning can prevent such disputes in advance.

Jason visits Kauai twice a year, and this year he decided to purchase Gurudeva's trilogy, have it signed by Bodhinatha and shipped free of charge to his home to avoid the extra baggage charges. The trilogy is three thousand pages and weighs 15 pounds. He also signed up as a Book One student. Welcome, Jason. We all look forward to getting to know you.

Returning to Kauai for a second visit from Toronto are Siva and Darshini Balasinghem. Originally from Jaffna, Sri Lanka, they settled in Canada 28 years ago and raised three children there. Darshini is in Hawaii for a banking conference. She works for CIBC in Toronto. Siva is a Civil enineer.

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