Malaysia Pancha Ganapati Day Five

We gathered at Mr. Devadas family to mould Lord Ganesha using the clay.

Children, youths and adults involved in the activity… Soon all got busy moulding Lord Ganesha.

Devika, with her mother’s assistance was the first to complete her Ganesha.

Soon, more Lord Ganesha’s emerged.

“Our Ganeshas’ are ready too”, said Tuhina and Jajatadeva

Next a palanquin is prepared to bring Lord Ganesha to Iraivan Illam. Lord Ganesha is being rocked before his departure…

Lord Ganesha is on his way to the Iraivan Illam, with children singing bhajans along the way.

Lord Ganesha’s arrives at Iraivan Illam and is welcomed with an arati.

Lord Ganesha is placed on the swing decorated for Him.

Another arati …

followed by more bhajans

Devotees takes turn to rock Lord Ganesha on the swing.

Next our cultural performances began with Bharata Natyam dances.

Kummi Dance…Gurudeva is seated in the middle.

A short drama about the celebration of Pancha Ganapathi

Next fun, games and puzzles

2nd game…The kids were asked to collect items within 1 minute..that included white hair from their father…

Dads were soon seen running..terrified!!!

Breaking balloons… so much fun!

One more game for the senior youths…An orange was placed on the bangle, the team must move together and placed that orange into a small cup…

Shakti team won this time!!!

Lunch was served for all and there were gifts showered around Lord Ganesha for everyone!!! Jai Ganapathi!!

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