Sun Three at the Aadheenam

Rudiren Carpanen Pillay Becomes Arul Sishya

Rudiren Carpanen Pillay is on pilgrimage, all the way from South Africa.

He originally met Gurudeva when he was six-years old in Mauritius and we put in his Arul Sishya booklet “Who introduced you to Gurudeva’s teachings” we put “Gurudeva himself at age six.”

Rudiren grew up, studied hard and is now a lecturer at a university in Durban. In the British system you are not called “professor” unless you have been teaching for at least ten years.

Our members were present when he took the four vratas of Ahimsa vrata (nonviolence), Sakahara (vegetarianism), Paramapara (loyalty to the lineage) and Dasama Bhaga Vrata (tithing 10% of your income to the mission.)

Kulapati Vel Alahan garlands him.

Rudiren will be part of the extended family of Kulapati Kulapati Souria Koomaren Moorghen, Rose Hill Mauritius, in the same area where Rudiren (pronounced “Rudren”) grew up.

Sri Sivanantha Swami visits Sri Subramuniya Kottam

From time to time, the Sri Subramuniya Kottam invites spiritual leaders and community elders to give talks to the Kottam children and elders.

In March, Sri Sivanantha Swamigal of Sri Ragaventhira Mutt visited the Kottam. Swami received a warm welcome

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