A Guru Purnima Offering

During pada puja to the satguru's feet, we offer all that is precious to the One. The bees collect watery nectar from a million flowers and in the hive's dark chamber patiently concentrate it into honey. In offering honey to the guru's feet, the world of insects worships the One.

The cow grazes far pastures gleaning a million blades of grass, then condenses it into milk. In offering milk, the animal world worships the One.

The sandalwood tree reaches high into the air and deep into the Earth, issuing forth a million leaves, all to gather the scented treasure in its heartwood. In offering sandal paste at the guru's feet, the world of plants worships the One.

The Earth assembles the elements in discrete places, water into streams, air into the blanket of life-giving gases, fire as plasmic presence in all things material. In offering ashes, water, air and fire, the physical elements worship the One.

Devotees gather the diluted fluid called experience, and from a million drops of it, removing the dross and the dregs, distill the liquid life into love and knowledge. In offering these to the guru's holy feet, mankind worships the One.

Yet, all is but one. The one that seems individuated worships the One that is and is in all things. Jai to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, and to gurus here, there and everywhere!

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