Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-04-09

  • Saw this sign in a cafe in the quaint mountain town of Fort Davis. This is not where the West begins. This is the West! #
  • Wonderful visit to the mile-high observatory in the Davis Mountains last night. Viewed Saturn, Moon, Pleiades, Orion nebula. #
  • The Master Course (Der Meisterkurs) by Sivaya Subramuniyaswami is being translated into German here. #
  • Here is a web album of Bodhinatha's recent visit to Shreveport, Louisiana. Many great photos we couldn't take! #
  • જ્યારે બાળકો હિન્દુ ધર્મ અપનાવે ત્યારે – Latest @HinduismToday "Publisher's Desk" editorial in Gujarati! #
  • Lunch at the home of Dr. Shroff #
  • Both newspapers in Midland-Odessa carried prominent articles on the interfaith event #
  • Bodhinatha has begun his seminar in Midland, Texas: Incorporating Hinduism into Daily Life. #
  • Forty-six people are attending the seminar in Midland–twice the expected attendance! #
  • Part two of the seminar begins. #
  • On the way to the home of the Drs. Tolia in Midland for dinner #
  • Another newspaper report on the interfaith event in Midland, Texas #
  • For those who are seeing these tweets summarized on TAKA, it appears that the pictures are not showing. Click the "" links to see them. #

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