Ashram Sadhana Day, Sun Three

Today was our monthly Ashram Sadhana day. Monks were out cleaning, repairing and maintaining — keeping up the physical environment, which, in our tropical jungle environment, is an on-going challenge.

The Siddhidata Kulam (“SK”) gave their report today. It’s amazing how much they do. Today’s report included a long list of work and repairs done on vehicles, laundry driers, showers, fences, ditch system.

Thanks to the SK for keeping everything running for all the rest of us!

New Kauai Alahan Family A Big Addition to the Wailua Mission

Kulapati Vel Alahan and Kulamata Valli have moved to Kauai.

Though Vel departed his lumber business in Colorado, he does not at all consider himself retired. Now he is more of a free lance entrepreneur with the option to take time out and be of service to the mission and the temple. Once or twice each week he comes to the Aadheenam for a morning and leaves the world behind while he works on plant care in solitude and silence.

Valli is also actively serving by helping in the Minimela with our guest hosting services.

It’s wonderful to have your support!

Siva Visions Pavilion Nearing Completion

After years of planning and execution, the display of artwork depicting Gurudeva’s visions of Siva on this land, which will be raised on San Marga, will soon come into full physical manifestation.

Paramacharya Palaniswami has been working with an artist in India for several years to get these visions painted. Kulapati Deva Rajan has been coming to Kauai from time to time this past year working on the drawings, plans and fabrication of the parts for the displays.

These past three weeks we have seen it all coming together.

Out on San Marga on the Southwest end of the Swayambhu Lingam square, just outside the area of worship Deva has had three large pits dug which will be the super strong foundations for the displays.

Acharya Kumarswami has been working closely with Deva on this project.

Deva has put reinforcing bars into the bottom of the pits and supports for the vertical frames that will hold the artwork are in place on beams that span the pit and perfectly set to the right elevation.

Today the Ganapati Kulam teamed up with Deva and Kulapati Durvasa Alahan to place the frames and get ready for the foundation cement pour which happens in five days.

A team of six was needed to place each frame into it’s temporary supports.

Braces are in place to keep them upright.

The team surveys the work so far as the sun rises over the rudraksha trees.

It has been raining a lot and the ground is a total mud slide, and it’s like walking on ice. We were grateful for the clear sunny weather for this day of set up.

Deva surveys the job, delighted to see so much progress in one day.

Later roofs will be placed over these frames. The structures are engineered with a very heavy concrete base and designed to withstand hurricane gale forces in the future.

Stay tuned as the project progresses.

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