Meeting with Yogaswami Devotees in Toronto

While Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami were in Toronto, they met with a small group of Sri Lankan Tamil elders who knew Yogaswami when they were kids. One's father was a stationmaster whom Yogaswami used to visit frequently in the middle of the night, another's mother took detailed notes of everything that happened in Yogaswami's hut for years, another's father was a teacher at a school that Yogaswami attended as a child…

Today these staunch devotees keep the memory of Yogaswami alive in Toronto, a Jaffna diaspora stronghold. The gathering was so sweet, with much affection from the elders to the monks and vice verse.

This is Mr. T. Sivayogapathy, who was a tremendous help verifying facts and sorting through dozens of names for consistency while the Ganapati Kulam was working on the chapters of The Guru Chronicles about Satguru Siva Yogaswami's life.

Mrs. Jayanthi Nikhilanandhan is the niece of Ratna Ma Navaratnam. Jayanthi's mother is 102.

Mrs. Kala Jayasrikanthan

Mrs. Meena Thavaratnam, whom some of you know from the recordings of Yogaswami's Natchintanai songs that she did for the monastery. Her beautiful voice opened our little gathering with one of Yogaswami's most poignant pieces, bringing him right into the room with us.

Mr. Nikhilanandhan.

Mr. Rajamohan

Mr. Satkunendran

Mr. Siva Segarajasingam

Mr. Siva Sinniah

Mr. Sivasuriar

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