Tour Day at Kauai Aadheenam

After yesterday’s tour, Bodhinatha’s powerful presence in the mini mela graces our guests with a special darshan and a signed copy of any book they choose.

It was a very eclectic and happy group for this week’s public tour. Buddhism is popular among Westerners and they are very curious about the differences. Our emphasis on the Paramatman and the Buddhist denial of this reality creates some pondering.

Cheyenne and Kaylan from Oahu are on their first visit to a Hindu Temple. Chyanne brought her camera and was very, very busy throughout the tour.

“There is an invisible world all around you, a kingdom of spirits commissioned to guard you Jane. Do you not see them? ” (Quote from BBC presentation of Jane Eyre)

While the silpis are currently back in India for a time, we do a mini demonstration on our own and talk about their skill and dedication.

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