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Beginning of a new phase

We begin the phase with a homa.

The temple is scintillating with lights over dancing tandavas reflected in the mirrors

Sannyasin Saravanathaswami performs the homa this morning.

This couple from Honolulu has come to Kauai with their little daughter to have her Vidyaramba Samskara.

The little girl writes her first word, AUM in the tray of rice which is offered to the fire.

Bodhinatha gave a short, insightful message on the importance of both monism and theism in our spiritual and religious life.

Homa, Gateway to Inner Worlds

In the hours before dawn, the lighting in Kadavul temple casts a golden glow.
The atmosphere is filled with a mystic power.

(This slideshow does not have captions. Just feel the shakti!)


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