Sun Two

Sun Two and 48-hour count down before Bodhinatha leaves for Texas.

For those who enjoyed the video of his Sun One Video, note that the audio is also now online and available for download to your PC. See the right side bar link

Root Vegetable Magic: Ginger and Carrots

Sadhaka Adinatha and the Siddhidata Kulam team have amended this raised bed in the garden with rich compost and some chicken manure in the bottom of this trench, in preparation for planting ginger.

Covering over the seed by hand.

Next the “seed” is placed and covered: roots from a previous bed that were saved. Each these will generate a new plant that will provide many pounds of fresh ginger.

Now all we have to do is water and wait patiently as Siva-Shakti does all the rest of the magic.

Planting root vegetables in the tropics is challenging because the rats can be so agressive that we never get a crop. Happily these short fat carrots made it in wonderful condition. Sadhaka Rajanatha happy with an abundant harvest. Nutrition does not get any better than this! Thanks to the Siddhidata Kulam!

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