Bodhinatha in Singapore

Bodhinatha is having a full time in Singapore. Yesterday he went to the Asian museum and had lunch with our devotees there and then gave an evening talk at SP Jain School of Global Management.

Today he is conducting an all day seminar for members and students. Tomorrow he and the team fly off to India.

Monks at Iraivan Worksite in Bengaluru

On our final day in Bengaluru we visit the Iraivan worksite for most of the day. The large compound is full of stones in all stages of completion. When the Jiva Rajasankara family moved here 7 years ago, it was in the wilderness, but today it is surrounded by homes.

The fluted pillars are destined to go to Suttur Mutt, where we have been a week earlier.

We examine the steps that will lead up to the Rajagopuram, and another set that will take the priests up to Nandi's level at the Nandi mandapam.

Jiva and his sons take us through the many projects that are under the chisel, showing us the remarkable detail the team is achieving.

One project is a rose-colored map of Kauai island that will one day go into the gardens, near the flagpole. It shows all of the contours of Kauai, and the position of the temple on the island.

We carefully examine the three elephants, which are virtually done. Notice in the slideshow how the baby calf's trunk is interwoven with the mother's tail, all made from a single stoneÔøΩquite an achievement.

We take a close look at Hanuman, and talk for a time about the Chola base that he will sit on. The statue is 15 feet tall, and will sit atop a three-foot base, making him 18 feet high.

We are taken to an area which stores all of the Nandi Mandapam beam and roof pieces, completed, awaiting shipping. We marvel at the detail our silpis have achieved.

Sadhaka Satyanatha walks through a forest of pillars, which have been carved for Kailash Ashram, fifty of them.

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