Bodhinatha Welcomed in Singapore


Stepping back in time a few days we catch up with images from Bodhinatha’s mission in Singapore.

Our 12:20 am arrival on February 2 was no deterrent for these devoted mission members who came to greet Bodhinatha. Arumuganathaswami sends us several reports on activities there as the team is now moving on to India. See the slide shows below

Bodhinatha Satsang in Singapore

Also still on February 2, Bodhinatha visited Kulapati Dohadeva's home for satsang with the members which included guru puja, Sri Rudram chanting, Natchintinai singing and lunch.

Bodhinatha At Book Launch in Johore Bahru

On Feb 3, Bodhinatha went to Johor Baru, across the river in Malaysia, to launch the History of Hindu India at the Arulmigu Sithi Vinayagar Thirukkovil, Taman Johor Jaya. There was a decent crowd for a weekday night and a rather big sale of 59 books. The temple is strong Ganesha temple in Hoysala style with a rounded sanctum and with 32 Ganeshas around the main temple area. The book release was organized by the Kuala Lumpur and local members.

Bodhinatha in Johore, Malaysia

Click here for slideshow of Satguru Bodhinatha visiting a Ganesha temple in Johore, Malaysia, February 2, and releasing our Hindu History book.

Bodhinatha, February 3rd, Singapore

Today, February 3, we went on an outing with the members to the Asian Civilizations Museum. Their very knowledgeable docent (guide) Garima Lalwani, originally from Rajasthan, gave us a special tour of the South Asia, China and South East Asia galleries. They had a special exhibit on cloth which explained how until the 18th century, India was the prime supplier of cloth to the world. They had many examples of decorative clothes 500 years old from India sold to Indonesia. We also met curator David Henkel and presented both with a copy of the History of Hindu India. We also plan to offer a few suggestions for their presentation on India and Hinduism. One is to eliminate the "Aryan Invasion" myth; the other to explain more of the high minded ideas of Hinduism, as they do for Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. In the evening Bodhinatha gave a sparsely attended talk at the SP Jain School of Management--a consequence of a Friday evening time slot! The three professors at left in the photo were very appreciative of Bodhinatha's presentation, which dealt with a key issue in business today: ethics.

A Day At Iraivan Worksite, Chapter 2

Jiva and his sons have clearly spent days preparing for our visit, displaying the many projects we have begun. Many of the silpis are absent, a common event here, where entire teams disappear during festivals, returning to their home villages to be with family.

One of the new technologies (which we first saw a year ago) is shown by the carvers: carbide-tipped chisels. They are a fraction of the weight of the mild steel chisels we are used to. The old chisels are sharpened every 10 minutes, but these need only be sharpened twice a day.

The narrow shaft and light weight give the artist a finesse that shows in the intricate details.

Jiva takes us to the sunshade on which sits a graceful parrot, in cement. This parrot was sculpted by a specialist in Mahabalipuram, and it will be used to guide the hand of those men who transform it into stone. Eight of these will grace the corners of the Nandi Mandapam roof.

One by one, we review the projects. The entry steps design have been drawn by Selvanathan Sthapati on a large piece of plywood. This detail will lend a charm to the little bull pavilion that stands at the entry to Iraivan.

The Kauai map is nearing completion, and we have asked our Kerala visiting artist, Suresh, to offer some creative designs for the ocean and the base. Wait till you see what he did!

There is more to tell. Stay tuned...

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