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Three Dimensional Printing from India

The Ganapati Kulam gave their news today. The team is very focused on completely the October edition of Hinduism Today.

Meanwhile a high-end printer in North India would like us to hire them to do some special work and sent sample of truly amazing three dimensional printing. These prints are done with a reflective surface of many layers, each layer carries a slightly different image when view from a different angle. This give the appears of depth, as if you could put your finger into some space inside the print. If you move left or right Lord Ganesha eyes will follow you!

Brahmachari Jaya Shivaraja is serving in the Ganapati Kulam and made the presentation at lunch. This Aum Mandala is particularly striking for it’s depth. You can put your hand up to it and it feels as if it is nearly holographic and about 4 inches deep.

Creative Fund Raising Sevak!

Kartikeya Katir (22), of Sacramento, California, has made clay Ganeshas (four and six inches tall) for Ganesha Chuturthi (coming up on September 18) and is selling them by the dozen for children’s painting parties around the country. (In the USA only)
He donates the money to the Iraivan Temple construction project.

Perfect for the temple Bala Vihar or a pre-Ganesh Chaturthi painting party.

Endorsed (for two years running) by the children at the Midland, TX and San Diego, CA Hindu Temples!
See his website:

Would you like to sponsor some Ganeshas this year for yourself or for others?

They are eco-friendly.

See his website and then call Mrs. Sundari Katir at (530) 231-5646 or email [email protected].

Deadline for orders is September 5th.

7th Annual Saivite Summer Camp in Chicago

The 7th Annual Saivite Summer Camp was held in Chicago on June 22 - 24th. Twenty five participants of all ages attended this three day camp which was conducted by Rishi Thondunathan. Events included puja, hatha yoga, group meditation, classes, games and field trips.

For the field trip, the group visited the Hindu Temple of Lemont, Chicago. Children paid their respects to Swami Vivekananda's statue near the temple. For recreation the children went for a hike and a hay ride.

Three of the participants who had attended the camp for the past six years are now in college. They came down for this year's camp and served as camp counselors. It was so wonderful to see the next generation of American Saivite Tamils coming up.

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