Bodhinatha Transits Through Dubai

Bodhinatha’s mission in Mauritius is over and he is flying over the Atlantic to Washington D.C. He and Shanmuganathswami stopped in Dubai on the way through. He writes:

“Landed in Dubai about 4 AM and the temperature was already almost 100 F! Picked up by long time Iraivan donor Anil Kumar, who is from Kerala, who took us to his home for breakfast, followed by a drive about Dubai seeing the major districts. Checked into our hotel late in the morning. 5 PM left again with Anil to go to the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world which is next to the biggest mall in the world which is next to the biggest etc. In other words, Dubai likes to have the biggest of everything.”


Bodhinatha with Students in Mauritius

Click here for report and photos of August 4th seminars with Vratasishyas, Arulsishyas and Master Course formal students

“The Seminar conducted by Bodhinatha at the Ebony 2 Conference Room of the Henessy Park Hotel on Saturday 4th August was centered on three main topcs namely,

1. Key Ideas in the Nandi Natha Sutras.
2. Color Meditation
3. Integrating Hindu Practices.
[Read more on the SSC site]

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