2013 Student Blessing Homa in Mauritius

Click Here For many more photos of our annual Ganesha homa performed specifically to bless thousands of school students as they begin their new school year.

11 Responses to “2013 Student Blessing Homa in Mauritius”

  1. Niraj Aum Namah Shivaya says:

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  2. Purany Ponniah says:

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  3. mougam pareatumbee says:

    So many young and old believing in the powers of Pancha Ganapathi fron Spiritual park of Mauritius experience the working of inner world n the miracles of Ganesha removing obstacles in the life of thousands devotees who believe in Ganesha n come to him with faith . Spiritual park of Mauritius s is the only place in Mauritius where a true , clear n pure Hinduism is shared with devotees who visit the park. MORE OPPORTUNITIES TO BE THOUGHT ABOUT, SO THIS PLACE CAN GIVE MORE CLEAR KNOWLEDGE oF HINDUISM THAN DOING WHAT MOST TEMPLES DO ,which is only rituals , A PARK WITH a Guru of such caliber , with such a vision is helping devotees n now businesses to develop around the spiritual park, For those who believe and experience Ganesha from 1980s , better be in than out , as life, s become just simpler n happier to be lived fully n enjoy , Thank you Gsnesha , thank you Gurudeva n Bodhinatha and all who hrlp set uo n manage this park .
    For all who attend , you will get enormous happiness if every time you come u help maje the park a better place either fo some work , move a chair, clean garden or a small donation , all these actions will reduce our karma n enable us to lead a happy life and Ganesha Spiritual park a better place to be. The want to do something at spiritual park needs to come from ourselves individually hence we go back home with tons of energy to move the forces of the world n succeed, thsnk you Gsnesha Aum

  4. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  5. Jigisha Patel says:

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  6. Vimala Munian says:

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  7. Balasundram Radakrishnan says:

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  8. Tharmar Ganesh says:

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  9. Rudiren Carpanen Pillay says:

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  10. Даша Сура says:

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  11. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Jai Shree Maha Ganesh!

    Wishing all the students continued spiritual and academic success! Thank you Gurudeva and the Monks at the Monastery!

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