Gurudeva 2013 Mahasamadhi Celebrations Day 4

"To know yourself is why you are on Earth. You were born to realize the Self. You are not here to make money, to clothe yourself or to entertain yourself. These are incidentals." -Gurudeva

The Final Day of Gurudeva's 12th Mahasamadhi celebrations began at 4:30 am, with a final Homa in the yagasala, followed by a Padapuja in Kaduval Temple.

Beginning in the early morning hours, the two priests began the final homa. After hours of complicated purifications, chants, kriyas and visualizations, The 108 conch shells were paraded to Kaduval Temple, where they were poured over Gurudeva's tiruvadi. The power of the ancient agamic rites mixed with the simple love from all of those in attendance. It created an expansive bridge to the inner worlds. Gurudeva's presence was felt by all, closer then body, closer then mind. Right within our budding hearts, he whispers the subtly of Siva's mysterious, mystifying Universe. Everything we have and more importantly, everything we are is all by virtue of Gurudeva's endless grace. Aum Namah Sivaya. Sivaya Namah Aum.

Click Play to hear an audio excerpt by Gurudeva (audio may not work in old versions of Internet Explorer)

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