Bodhinatha Visits the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit

We visited the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit with our hosts Hiren and Tina Desai and the Pundit from the temple and his family. The museum has a large collection of cars from present day back to the Model T and Model N, with other transportation items as well such as locomotives and some of the earliest airplanes and electric power generators. With all of these original items, the museum is quite spectacular and engaging. We only had a couple hours to rush through; it would actually take days to carefully examine and absorb each exhibit. We share some photos.

In the evening we visited the home of our hosts-- Hiren, Tina, Neil and Karishma Desai-- for satsang with their close friends. Bodhinatha spoke about karma yoga, and then many wonderful questions were asked.

The next morning we visited the new land purchased by the Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Windsor. They now have to raise the funds to build the new temple.

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