Saiva Agama Collection Arrives in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

A computer disk drive containing the Saiva Agamas from the archives of the French Institute of Pondicherry, which was arduously electronically compiled by Kauai Saiva Aadheenam, arrived in Nallur, Sri Lanka. 

This gem, containing over a million photos - including most of the Saiva Agama scriptures - was made available at the All Ceylon Hindu Congress (ACHC) Jaffna Branch in Nallur. A special computer has been dedicated for this and now scholars and priests can use this electronic library for their research and study.

There was a grand celebration to receive these scriptures at Nallur. The Saiva Agama computer disk drive was taken on a  procession with Nathaswaram, drum and dancers that began at the Nallur Sivan Temple and went around the Nallur Murugan Temple and onto the Hindu Congress building at the Temple Road in Nallur. Hundreds of devotees attended the event including the Head of Nallai Adheenam, the Deputy Indian High Commissioner to Jaffna, and priests, university professors and scholars.

ACHC President, Mr. K. Neelakandan, presided over the event, and I had the great privilege of handing over the Saiva Agama computer disk drive to Hindu Research Center Director, Dr. Aru Thirumurugan. 

Deputy Indian High commissioner, Hon. V. Mahalingam, in his speech stated how happy he was that the Agamas from the Institute were now electronically available to the Jaffna people and he thanked Kauai Adheenam and the ACHC for making this possible.

Former head of the Hindu Culture Department at Jaffna University, Prof. Gopalakrishna Iyar in his speech noted that he had travelled to the Institute many years ago to perform research. He explained how important the study of the Agamas had been and how valuable it is that now those who wish to study them can do so right in Nallur!

In my speech, I explained that saving the Saiva Agamas in digital format was a vision of Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami; this enormous task - which took over 2 years using the most modern technology - was successfully completed by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the monks of Kauai Adheenam. Four hard working Indian youth were hired, to do the copying of the decaying and fragile ola leaves and other manuscripts.  Currently,  a team in India is working hard to index the Agamas; after this, researchers can easily search the Agamas in this Electronic Library.

We also dedicated a Saiva Agama Electronic Library at the ACHC headquarters in Colombo for the use of these Agamas in the south of Sri Lanka. Like Nallur, the city of Colombo also held a grand celebration to receive the Saiva Agamas. (I am enclosing some photos taken in Colombo and Jaffna for you to enjoy). When I took the Saiva Agama hard drive to Sri Lanka, I did not have a clue they would be so joyously received. How much value the Saiva Agamas will be to the priesthood and the academic community remains to be seen, but our expectations are high. My sincere thanks go to Gurudeva and Satguru Bodhinatha for the monumental accomplishment -preserving the Agamas for generations to come. 

Aum Shanthi,
Rishi Thondunathan

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