Satguru Carving Progress

Jiva writes to us from the carving site in Bangaluru:

We are almost near perfecting the face of Gurudeva. We  have reduced the original hair with the Rudraksha Malas by over 5 inches. We are comparing the face to the face sculpted by a Holly Young and refining it.
I've been spending a lot of time to get the special features in Gurudeva's nose right, along with his cheeks. Please burn some prayers in the homa fire since we are working on these two very important works and need a lot of blessings from the inner worlds.

The photos are a little blury because of the granite dust floating around by others using the machines.

The granite model of Bodhinatha arrived a couple of days ago. As usual, the initial carvers only bring it about half way to perfection. We have started working on it and will ensure that anyone who sees the model will know for sure who He is. Very detailed measurements are taken and transferred the same to the granite model and then we begin the long process of bringing forth the artistic talent, so that at the end of the day, we have Bodhinatha with us. I am personally spending hours with the carvers working on every detail. -Jiva.

April Mauritius Ganesha Homa

Click here for more photos and description of our April Spiritual Park Homa

Also, the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation came recently to the Spiritual Park to film our SSC sishyas singing some Natchintanai for an upcoming television special to commemorate Satguru Yogaswami's 50th Mahasamadhi anniversary.
Click here for a few photos of the filming

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