Tweet: Satsang with Bodhinatha happening in Fremont, CA,…

Satsang with Bodhinatha happening in Fremont, CA, right now

Recent Guests

We've seen quite a few guests over the last few days.

Pictured above is Asha Maharaj, who came today on her birthday with sister, mom and cousin Shiva. They are taking 151 rudraksha seeds back to Trinidad with them to bless their little temple there.

In the next photo is John Ward and his wife visiting from Colorado. John helped us with the supply of fly ash for the Iraivan temple foundation concrete pour in the late 90s. He worked very closely with Prof. P. Kumar Mehta who designed the high-volume fly ash concrete mix for our temple foundation.

Mountain Top Consciousness

A favorite phrase of our Gurudeva was "mountain top consciousness," by which he meant a view of life or any detail of life seen from a higher-than-normal perspective. Such views tend to be enormously informative as we work to comprehend the day-to-day details of life and its experiences. It frees us from the narrow confines of understanding and brings to play the subsuperconscious, often giving us a deeper appreciation of things, always liberating us from smallness.

So, today we offer a photographer's take on seeing things in a new, and wider perspective. As you look through these amazing aerial images, imagine seeing your own problems from Siva's lofty perspective.

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