Why Are We Vegetarian? What About the Environment?

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

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Why Are We Vegetarian?

Vegetarianism: Man’s natural and noble diet with a minimum of hurt to other beings. The object of nutrition for meditation and for help on the spiritual path is to practice mitahara–eating a moderate quantity of quality clean fresh vegetarian food. Four types of food: fresh, dead, clean and dirty. “Siva’s devotees know that a good diet is the best medicine. They drink two liters of water daily, minimize fried foods and avoid junk foods, white rice, white flour, processed sugar and degraded oils.”

How Do We Treat the Environment?

“The Divine is present everywhere and in all things.
All Hindus feel they are guests on the planet with responsibilities to nature.” Hindu prayers don’t stop with people. Caring for the elements is found right in our various prayers going back all the way to the Vedas. We all can do something to help the environment. For it to be a huge impact the whole society has to move in the same direction.”

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