Happy 2019 Guru Purnima!!!

Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Today we celebrate Guru Purnima with a parade and padapuja to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, woshiping the feet of the holy guru. From the Kularnava Tantra:

And Lord Siva said: How can My subtle perfection, which is one, omnipresent, attributeless, indifferent, undecaying, unattached like space, unbeginning and unending, be an object of worship for the dualistic mind? Hence it is that I as the Supreme Guru have entered into the bodies of human Satgurus.
Even My gross aspect, being full of light and energy, is imperceptible to human eyes. For this reason I have assumed the form of the Satguru in the world, and thus protect the race of sishyas.
As Mahesvara, in human body I secretly wander on the Earth in order to favor sishyas. As Sadasiva, I assume the modest and merciful form for the protection of sadhakas. Though remaining above samsara, yet I appear and act in this world as though I were a man of samsara.
When the fruits of sin predominate, Satguru is seen as a person. And when the fruits of virtuous acts prevail, Satguru is seen as Siva. Like blind men deprived forever of seeing the sun, unfortunate jivas are unable to see the real Satguru, the embodiment of Mahesvara, though He is present before their eyes. It is undoubtedly true that Satguru is Deva Sadasiva Himself, for who is it that grants Liberation to seekers if Satguru be not Siva Himself?
O Beloved, there is not the least difference between Deva Sadasiva and Sriguru. Whoever makes a distinction between them commits a sin. For by assuming the form of a preceptor, the Gurudeva severs the multitude of bonds which bind jivas to the state of pasu and enables them to attain the Self, Parasivam.
Om Namasivaya,
Sivaya Namaha.

18 Responses to “Happy 2019 Guru Purnima!!!”

  1. Vinso Sunny says:

    Jai Satguru bodhinatha!

  2. Tasha N says:

    Jai Satguru!

  3. Adi Srikantha says:

    Jai Bodhinatha Satguru!

  4. Uma Agrawal says:

    Namashkar and humble pranam. I seek your blessings!
    Uma Agrawal

  5. Tandavanatha says:

    Jai Satguru Bodhinatha🕉🌈

  6. Pethuraja says:


  7. Varadan says:

    Jail Bodinatha!

  8. Chandra Kiran Madhavaram. says:

    Jai Satguru Bodinatha Veylanswami. Happy Guru Poornima.

  9. Leonidas says:

    Jai Bodhinatha, our beloved Satguru. Happy Guru Purnima!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Namrata ragade says:

    Jai Satguru !

  11. Savitri Palani says:

    Aum Jai Satguru Bodhinatha!

  12. Prabhakur says:

    Om Shri Satguru Shivaya Subraminyaswami Namaah!

    Om Shri Satguru Bodinatha Veylanswani Namaha!

    Happy Gurupurnima to all Rishis our Paramparah!

  13. Rajendra Giri says:

    Jai Satguru !

  14. Premila manick says:

    Jai Satguru, Jai Gurudeva ! Jai Bodhinatha! Thank you for all Beloved Bodhinatha!. Happy Guru Purnima!

  15. Vatshalan says:

    Jai Satguru Bodhinatha! Mikka nandri for sharing these moments with us.

  16. Shunmugam sethuraman says:

    Jai satguru , jai gurudeva
    Happy guru purnima.
    Aum sivaya. Let’s spread the teaching of our beloved
    Satguru to the whole world.

  17. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    Feel right there through the vibrancy of the photo and text. Wishing All a beautiful and bountiful Guru Purnima – Satguru is glowing with love, wisdom and our ever guiding Light. Mahalo for taking the time to share this beautiful encounter with the inner worlds. Aum Namah Sivaya.

  18. kevina says:

    Praise be to you, Satguru.

    To your Holy Feet I prostrate


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