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A Few Stories from Around the World

Sishya Dr. Ramai Santhirapala of London is a physician of note. Lately, she had been shifting from direct care of patients to working in the realms of research and medical ethics. When the current pandemic arose, however, she immediately abandoned her projects to be where she was needed most, the Intensive Care Unit, caring for the most seriously afflicted. While she was describing the challenging conditions and dangers, we were struck by her upbeat and even joyous frame of mind. How can this be? we inquired. She explained she had been surrounded by so many beautiful spectacles over the past days, that she just felt elated. "There has been so much harmony and willing cooperation on the part of everyone, it seems, all responding selflessly, courageously and nobly to the challenge, giving their all, willingly placing themselves at risk to help another. So much good will. It has really been uplifting." When we congratulated her on seeing the positive where most would not, she replied, "Siva truly is everywhere; we are so lucky to have received our beautiful Hindu teachings!" From Sri Lanka Thondunathan send us updates of their work there. The country is fully shut down and those at the Subramuniya Kottam are helping as they can. They are distributing rice, dal and some other dry food to local needy people. Yesterday Thondunathan sent us this note for Yogaswami's mahasamadhi day: "Generally, our Subramuniya Kottam youth prepare for the Yogaswami Gurupuja by making garlands and decorating the shrine. But this year, the observation has taken a new perspective and another divine path. Due to the pandemic situation, instead of the usual celebration, the youth prepared food care packages to be delivered to the needy people. 'Life is Siva' proclaims Yogaswami. Service to humanity is a service to God."

6 Responses to “A Few Stories from Around the World”

  1. Sundari Devam says:

    Our Hindu religion believes that everything is as it should be. This knowledge gives great comfort at this time . I can almost see how this of global pulling together will lead to changes in the future and the spiritual evolution of humanity and the new age Jai Siva

  2. Shunmugam sethuraman says:

    Great job done by the volunteers in subramuniya kottam.
    May sat guru blesses..aum sivaya

  3. Pouva says:

    Thank you Dr Ramai Santhirapala for this contagious positivity & for being such an inspiring Sishya! Aum!
    A real pleasure to see this wonderful Seva performed by the Subramuniya Kottam Youth! Aum Namasivaya!

  4. Pethuraja says:

    “AUM SIVAYA”!.

  5. Vandana says:

    Bravo, Ramai and Rishi Thondunathan. Thank you.


    Humbled by the yeoman sivathondu service of both of you.

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