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There Is Only Now

This is our final day of Gurudeva Affirmations. He is like a doctor, with natural prescriptions to heal body, mind and emotions.

"How Do We Use Affirmations?
"An affirmation is a positive declaration or assertion that we repeat regularly to bring about useful changes in our life. While repeating the words, we concentrate on the meaning and visualize and feel the desired result. Your words, visualizations and feelings have power.

They impress your subconscious mind. When they are positive, useful and creative, they make you more secure and successful in everything you do. Affirmations must be carefully worded to gain the desired effect. The sadhana is to repeat it to yourself for a minute or two, ideally at the same time each day. Silently is good, but aloud is even better. For example, 'I can. I will. I am able to accomplish what I plan.' Repeating this each day programs your mind with confidence and increases your willpower. But just saying the words is not enough. You must feel 'I can! I will! I am able!' Imagine what it will feel like when you accomplish your goal. It is helpful to remember the feeling of success you experienced when you achieved something in the past. Positive affirmations help you face life with optimism. Negative thinking does the opposite.

Many people think, 'I can't. I won't. I'm not able.' And, sure enough, they fail. Why? Because they have programmed their mind to fail. An affirmation creates the opposite effect. You see the goal clearly and feel yourself attaining it. Success follows naturally. Gurudeva's other affirmations include 'I'm all right, right now,' 'All my needs will always be met,' and 'I am equal to any challenge I meet.' Affirmation builds a positive self concept. This means knowing that you are a worthy person deserving a wonderful life and fully capable of achieving it. Having such a positive concept allows us to identify with our inner, spiritual nature so that we truly feel we are a divine being on a perfect path."

Then we have Gurudeva's quote here: "Get into the rhythm of the affirmation. This causes strong feelings and impressions deep in the inner mind. Each word has a certain rate of vibration. Feeling is greater than visualization."

3 Responses to “There Is Only Now”

  1. Narenthiran nadarajah says:

    Such a beautifull msg, thank you for making my day much brigther 🙂

  2. Rajendra Giri says:

    Jai Gurudeva!

  3. Mougam Pareatumbee says:

    A Guru is a Guru and a simple sentence a Guru pronounces or read – might take us a life time or more to put into practice and to fully benefit from it.

    we as Syshyas can only benefit when we do not only read and understand but put the Guru’s teachings into non stop daily practise despite all our commitments in the physical world. The amount we put into practise will clear the upcoming obstacles and make our life easier and our upcoming karmas softer .Too many times having such a powerful Guru like Gurudeva and Bodhinatha we take it lightly and do not really fully benefit from their teachings and guidance.
    Right now our Guru helping us all and protecting us all from the pandemic of corona virus if we are on the right track we will feel the protection .
    So much our Gurus do for us in unseen ways .

    Thank you – thank you and Thank you
    SatguruGurudeva and Satguru Bodhinatha VeylanSwami
    thank you to the whole tireless team of Kauaii Aadheenam for your dedication and service to set the highest standard Humanity can live on planet earth .It is possible you have all proved it .

    Mougam Pareatumbee

    15th April 2020

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