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Serving the Dharmic Religions #3 – Sikhism

Over the last year, our publications team in Kauai has been quietly working on a sizable side project sponsored by the Uberoi Foundation. The project is intended to assist in the presentation of the four Dharmic faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, as per the foundation’s goal. This particular video is meant to teach about the Sikh religion in California 6th grade social studies classes. The Hollywood Sikh Temple was founded in 1969 by Dr. Amarjit Marwah on the 500th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak. The present building was completed in 1996. A small group of students visited the gurdwara (House of the Guru) and were asked to remove their shoes, wash their hands and don head coverings. A temple guide then explained the three key principles of the Sikh faith: Remember God in everything you do, share with others before you share with yourself and earn an honest living by being honest. The students were given an overview of the origins and beliefs of the Sikh faith as they toured the temple.

Directed by Mainak Dhar, Produced by Gabriel Bruskoff.

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