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Maanasa Bhajare Guru Charanam

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

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Veylanswami, My Shining Star

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

starts before the downbeat (on "ru")


  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai

"Hrida..." comes before downbeat


  Sung by: Sivan Batumalai

Jaya Guru Omkaara

  Sung by: Jambalini Manick

Ennai Enak Arivitthaan

  Sung by: Sydney Sivathondan Society Ladies

This Natchintanai is usually considered the first of Siva Yogaswami's songs. While it is popularly known as "Engal Gurunathan,"...