A Puja for the Monastery’s New Backhoe

The Monastery has bought a used backhoe from our neighbor, who is moving and sold it at a very good price. The Siddhidata Kulam performed a short puja for it, blessing it for its many long years of use. Being such a large machine, this backhoe is a huge boon.

Solar Array Concrete Pour

Recently the concrete footings for the solar panel array were formed up and made ready to be poured. Here the SK works hard to get all the concrete poured and finished. The forms are later removed and the footings made ready for the panel mounting hardware. It is estimated that the Solar array will produce up to 80% of the monasteries day time power and about 40% of its total power. This will help to fulfill, in part, the monasteries attempts to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Monks Master the Art of Making Tempeh

Monks Master the Art of Making Tempeh

Sadhaka Rajanatha's has mastered the making of a popular fermented food. The fungi pre-digests the soy beans setting free the valuable protein amino acids and making the beans much more easily digested.

Solar Project

he Siddhidata Kulam officially began the construction side of the monastery solar array. Using the John Deer tractor, several shovels and a few strong monks, 56 holes were drilled. Those holes will become small concrete foundations that photovoltaic solar panels will mount to. Solar electricity brings the monastery one step closer to self sufficiency. Jai Gurudeva Jai Bodhinatha !!!

The sawmill is up and running

In its move toward self-sufficiency the monastery has aquired a sawmill. With the large amount of trees that come down around the monastery, the monks are now able to utilize the mill to saw lumber out of them. This is something which can cost thousands of dollars to have done by someone else.

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