A Happy 5110 !

We follow the sacred Tamil Hindu Calendar. It relates closely to the movements of the Sun and the Moon. For us, the year changes in April and we are actually far ahead — happy 5110!

But for most people, the calendar changed yesterday. May Ganapati, Lord of Obstacles, guide humanity to a positive 2009.

We keep pushing forward in the construction of the new mini-mela gift-shop.

To store our construction tools, we assembled these two plastic shacks, called Big Max. They are handy and easy to put together.

In the inside, we can mount shelves and organize the inevitable plethora of material needed in construction work.

We moved some material that was stored in the mini mela, making room for the renovation. Shanmuganathaswami took several boxes to one of our containers.

In this container, we keep our worship supplies clean and dry. Oil for the lamps…

…and a lifetime of brass items.

The flow of guests is still steady. Lots of bright souls.

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